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  • Washing Machine Rental From £2.99 Per Week
  • Huge Range Of Top Brand Washing Machines To Choose From
    You get all the latest eco friendly and performance features when you rent a top brand washing machine.
  • You'll never have to worry about washing machine breakdowns or expensive repair costs ever again.
  • Save money on washing machine rental
    If your thinking about renting a washing machine, we can help you save money and make sure your with a company that offers the best possible service.

Renting A Washing MachineRent A Washing Machine Through RentalDeals To Make Sure You Get The Best Deals Both In Terms Of Service & Price.

If you're sick of washing machine breakdowns like thousands of people across the UK, ridiculous repair costs, having to wait up to 30 days for parts. Then renting a washing machine is definately for you.

Washing machine rental will take the hassle out of your washdays, as you'll never have to worry about expensive call out fees, repair costs or trips to the launderette ever again. It's no wonder so many people now choose to rent washing machines.

For over 7 years we have been helping customers find washing machine rental deals thoughout the UK. So whether your looking for domestic or commercial rental contracts, are currently renting or are completely new to rental we can help you find the best rental or rent to buy deals.

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Bosch WAS28461 Washing Machine Rental

Bosch WAS28461 Washing Machine Rental

With our largest capacity of 9kg, energy saving programmes, and a high energy efficiency of A+++; this Bosch washing machine is a perfect choice for the flexibility, convenience and performance you desire. With an impressive 1400 spin we have added Bosch's cutting edge anti vibration panels working with our ecoSilence drive you can relax in a more peaceful kitchen.

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Bosch WAS28461 Washing Machine Hire

Bosch WAS28461 Washing Machine Hire

Our sleek black edition washing machine provides an impressive A++ energy rating without compromising results, with a 1200 spin and generous 7kg drum. A choice of EcoPerfect to save you even more energy or SpeedPerfect for instant results, you will find the perfect cycle to suit your lifestyle.

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Rent A Bosch WAS28461 Washing Machine

Rent A Bosch WAS28461 Washing Machine

Technology and contemporary design combined, the silver edition washing machine with an impressive A++ energy rating, 1200 spin and generous 7kg drum is the perfect statement for the family home. With a choice of EcoPerfect to save you even more energy, or SpeedPerfect when you have little time, you will find the perfect cycle for every situation.

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The world is changing fast and people from all walks of life, young, old, married, single are discovering the great benefits of renting. We like to know where we are with our finances each month, have the flexibility to change, and not have the hassle, worry, or expensive outlay when things go wrong.


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Washing machine rental can be subject to your credit.

Some rental companies in the UK use credit checking to determine the value of items you can rent. We recommend checking your credit, not only to see what your credits like before applying for rental but also to make sure the credit reference agencies have your details correct as its not uncommon for them to make mistakes. Also rental applications usually go under one persons name so if there are two of you it makes sense to apply under the name of the person with the better credit.

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