A Guide To Renting Washing Machines

How does washing machine rental work? How much will it cost? Where can I rent one? What washing machine should I choose? This guide will explain everything you need to know about renting a washing machine in the UK.

A Guide To Renting Washing Machines

Firstly most people that decide to rent a washing machine have usually just had a breakdown, are sick of breakdowns and expensive repair costs, or don’t want the large outlay of buying another. Environmentalists also promote the idea that renting a washing machine is much better for the environment and is even more efficient than recycling as machines are serviced and re-used.

“It is suggested that between 40-70% of the steel found in a washing machine (14kg-28kg) is lost to landfill when scrapped”

So how does washing machine rental work?

The first choice you need to make is whether you would prefer a standard rental contract or rent to buy (also referred to as pay weekly stores and rent to own retailers).

Standard Rental

A standard domestic rental contract is where you rent a washing machine without the option of ownership. Free installation, delivery and repairs are included in the price. Domestic contracts are usually 12-36 months with options to upgrade. And the only extra cost you’ll have is an admin fee (usually about £20) payable on the installation.

Please note that shorter contracts are available for students and business customers.

Rent To Buy

Rent to buy contracts are a way of spreading the cost of your washing machine purchase over the length of the contract (usually 36 months) which can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Because you are effectively being offered finance/credit there will be a percentage (APR) added to the purchase price of the product. As with standard rental agreements you also have options to include a service plan which includes unlimited repairs, a loan products when required and like for like replacements if necessary. Delivery and installation are usually included in the price.

Check Your Credit Report & Credit Score For Free Before Applying For Rental!

As sensible lenders both standard rental and rent to buy companies will have some kind of credit and affordability procedure. So as well as looking at your past credit (if you’ve had credit) they will also take your current situation into account.

It’s well worth checking your credit file before applying for rental and rent to buy contracts because if the wrong information is recorded or someone fraudulently uses your identity, this can adversely affect your credit status.

MyCreditMonitor allows you to check your credit score and provides advice on how to improve it in order to get better deals when applying for rental.

How Much Will It Cost To Rent A Washing Machine?

Washing machine rental prices vary depending on the model you choose, the length of contract, and whether the equipment is brand new or refurbished. Some companies will also give you discount if your renting the washing machine as part of a package.

To give you a better idea of prices for washing machines on standard rental and rent to buy contracts we have researched and found the cheapest and most expensive rental prices advertised by some of the UK's most well known rental companies.

(Please note that the cheapest price doesn't always mean the best value for money as you are likely to get a refurbished machine with basic features)

Washing Machine Rental Prices - Standard Rental

The cheapest price we found was £2.49 per week and the most expensive was £9.69 per week.

Washing Machine Pay Weekly Prices - Rent To Buy

The cheapest rent to buy washing machine price we found was £3.00 per week and the most expensive was £12.00 per week.

If you would like an up-to-date washing machine rental quote, would like to find suppliers in your area or would like to checkout the latest special offers, then please visit our washing machine rental page for more options.

Checkout Our Washing Machine Rental Page For More Options!
Checkout Our Washing Machine Rental Page For More Options!

Where Can I Rent A Washing Machine?

No known appliance rental company covers the whole of the UK as they have to service their washing machines and respond to breakdowns, often the same day. Some companies only cover the area local to them, whilst others can cover large sections of the UK.

In the past it was quite common to see rental companies on the high street, where as now many of them operate from a head office with strategically placed service depots.

To find a company that covers your area visit our washing machine rental page to checkout our featured companies or contact us to get quotes and advice.

Which Washing Machine Should I Choose?

The following information is to help you make the best decisions when choosing a washing machine to rent and help explain some of the features and technical terms associated with washing machines.

What Brand Of Washing Machine?

Most rental and rent to buy companies tend to go for top brand washing machines because it's in there interest that they don't break down. Also popular brands also tend to have the largest availability of spare parts should they need to fix your machine.

Luckily when you rent you don't need to worry about breakdown, so the brand you choose is less important than when buying. The most important aspect of choosing a machine will be its wash performance and features which are usually reflected in the price.

The most common brands offered by rental companies include Bosch, Beko, Hoover, Samsung, Hotpoint and Zanussi. Bosch washing machines being the most popular.

Brand New Or Refurbished?

Choosing a refurbished washing machine is fine when renting because again you wont need to worry about breakdowns and will benefit from some of the lowest rental prices. That said refurbished washing machines may show some signs of wear and tear and are usually subject to availability - so you wont have much choice in terms of make and model.

With brand new machines, what you see is what you get. You can checkout product reviews, clearly see what features the washer has and can easily compare prices of similar machines and other brands.

Top Tip: As with buying you usually pay a premium for colours other than white. And if you choose a rent to buy option a brand new washer may last longer than refurbished once your out of contract.

Your Choice Of Washing Machine Features!

There are a number of washing machine features that can have an effect on the performance and energy usage. We'll explain as many as possible so you can make better decisions when decided which washing machine to go for.

Free Standing or Built In (Integrated):

You wont need to make a decision on this one as almost all rental companies only supply free standing washing machines. The reason for this is that installing and maintaining a free standing washing machine has far less complications. Installing and maintaining freestanding machines only requires access to your plumbing where as integrated would mean the engineer would have to also work with your kitchen units. To avoid any damage to your units its far safer for engineers to work with freestanding only.

Which Drum Size Would Be Best?:

The drum size / wash load of washing machines usually ranges from 5kg - 12kg which reflects the weight of dry clothes you should put in the machine for cotton programs. Other programs may recommend smaller loads. When choosing a machine it's important that you choose one that you can easily fill as washing machines work best when you fill them to there set limits.

In terms of costs, generally the larger the drum size the more expensive the machine will cost to rent and run.

Tip: To give you a much better gauge on wash loads, 1 kg is roughly equal to 4 men's shirts or a pair of jeans and 1 shirt. The most popular drum size is 7kg which ideal for the average sized family.

Washing Machine Spin Speeds?:

The purpose of a spin cycle is to remove water from your clothes after the wash cycle. Supposedly the faster the spin speed, the more water will be extracted from your clothes reducing drying times and your energy bill if you use a tumble dryer. As with drum size, faster spin speeds usually mean higher rental prices.

Beware though that tests have been done and some 1200spin machines have extracted more water than 1600spin machines so you cant always go by the products spin speed. Also faster spin speeds can be noisier and have the potential to cause more damage to your clothes fibres through friction.

Spin speeds of 1200rpm to 1400rpm tend to be the most popular.

Energy Efficiency & Consumption:

Its well worth considering the energy rating of a washing machine. The more efficient the rating, the less water and energy will be used per cycle, which in turn saves you money and is better for the environment. Energy ratings range between (A) which are the most energy efficient and cheapest to run, to (G), which are the least efficient to run.

Although energy rating can save you money it doesn't necessarily result in a better wash. For that you need to look at the washing performance.

Washing Performance:

Similar to the energy rating washing machines also have a washing performance rating between A-G which is based on how well the washing machine cleans clothes during a cycle. Although in recent years all machines are now required to have an (A) rating.

Washing machine performance is still worth checking out if you are applying to rent a reconditioned washing machine.

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