Should You Buy Or Rent Your Wedding Dress?

wedding dress hireHave you just got engaged or are you well into the planning stages of your BIG day? Either way I am sure one of the biggest decisions you now make is your wedding dress, and what a decision it is.

I have to confess I dragged my poor mum around numerous wedding dress shops trying on wedding dress after wedding dress and by the end when I had to make that final decision I actually bought the first dress I saw in a wedding magazine. Now don't get me wrong I had a LOT of fun in the process but looking back on it now, would I buy again? or does renting take a lot of the dilemmas out of wedding dress shopping?

Let's start with the decisions you have:

Custom or Couture?

This is the most expensive way to buy, you see a design, fall in love and go to a designer or dress maker to have it custom made for you, now.....we are talking about a starting price of approximately £2000 +, do you have that sort of money in your budget?

Sample Designer Dress?

This is where you go to the salon/wedding dress shop and try a sample dress on, if you decide you like it you then order it and it gets made in your size, with numerous fittings and alterations to make it fit perfectly,  this can start from £600 - however you then have all the alterations to pay for, which believe me definitely add up, your veil, shoes, hair accessories and jewellery (have you thought about all those little extras??) don't forget most shops will also ask for a 50% deposit to place the order.

Buy Off The Rack?

You visit a wedding dress shop and they will offer the sample dress 'for sale' at a discounted price because you take it home there and then. This has it's downsides as you will have to find your own seamstress to do any alterations you may need or if it's marked or damaged in anyway you kind of agree to take it as it is.. Prices however start from £300 so maybe more suitable if you are on a tight budget.

So why rent?

After all the dress shopping and searching you have still fallen in love with the designer dress which has a huge price tag of £3000 +, why should you compromise? after all this is your big day, once in a lifetime opportunity could you really live with the regret knowing that gorgeous dress was your one true love (apart from hubby of course!!!) this is where renting could be your saving grace. From only £495 you can have the latest Vera Wang or Ian Stuart dress for the fraction of the price. After all you are going to wear this dress once and don't worry your pictures and videographer will definitely do it justice so you can keep the memories forever without blowing the budget.

Take it from me, I don't think my dress has been out of the box for 4 years, so if I were to do it all over again, I definitely know what I would choose - To Rent

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