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If you're sick of washing machine breakdowns like thousands of people across the UK, ridiculous repair costs, having to wait up to 30 days for parts. Then renting a washing machine is definately for you.

Washing machine rental will take the hassle out of your washdays, as you'll never have to worry about expensive call out fees, repair costs or trips to the launderette ever again. It's no wonder so many people now choose to rent washing machines.

Whether you’re currently renting a Washing Machine, or are completely new to rental. We can help find the best rental and rent to buy deals in your area. Simply click on the button below to get quotes and advice from top rated Washing Machine rental companies.

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Washing Machine Rental is available throughout the UK. You'll have access to top brands including Bosch, Beko & Hotpoint, all with the latest eco and technology features. Washing Machine Rental contracts are usually for a minimum of 18 months and prices start from just £2.99 per week which includes: Free Installation, Free Delivery, Free Same Day Repairs & Options To Upgrade.

You'll never have to worry about Washing Machine breakdowns or repair costs ever again!

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Types Of Washing Machine You Can Rent:

Types Of Customers That Rent Washing Machines:

Domestic Customers For Home Use:

Washing Machine Rental for your home is great if you are sick of breakdowns and unexpected repair costs. When you rent a Washing Machine you have options to upgrade as technology changes and wont need to worry about breakdowns or repair costs as everything is included in your low weekly or monthly rental price. Another great benefit is that if you move address, you can usually take items with you.

Washing Machine Rental For Students In Student Accommodation:

Many Washing Machine rental companies have deals specifically for students. Most students share accommodation and find renting a Washing Machine, a much simpler way to split costs. Most companies offer 9 month contracts to coincide with the student year and include a free repair and breakdown service for peace of mind.

Washing Machine Rental For Landlords:

Its quite common now for landlords to rent Washing Machines and other appliances for their tenants. This can be an ideal solution if you offer a furnished rental property or HMO and don't want the hassle of breakdowns or repair. In most cases the tenant can call the rental company direct if there are any problems with the Washing Machine.

Washing Machines For Business Use:

Many Rental Companies also stock and specialise in providing Commercial Washing Machines that are built to handle much larger loads than the domestic washing machine. You can rent long or short term and also benefit from free servicing and repairs.