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Looking for Tumble Dryer Rental? There are two types of tumble dryer available for rental, you can rent vented dryers and you can rent condenser dryers. Vented dryers have to be ducted through a hole in the wall, door, or window, and condenser dryers convert the steam back into water and pump it into a reservoir which then needs emptying.

The main reason why so many people now rent tumble dryers is the reliability, as an appliance like a tumble dryer not working can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, especially if you have a big family or don’t have the time to go back and forth to a launderette.

When you rent a tumble dryer, you’ll have access to top brands like Bosch, Beko and Hotpoint, and wont need to worry about expensive call out fees or repair costs, as everything’s included with your price.

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Tumble Dryer rental is available throughout the UK and will take the hassle out of your drying. You’ll have access to top brands, and you’ll never have to worry about expensive call out fees, repair costs, or trips to the launderette ever again. It’s no wonder so many people now choose to rent Tumble Dryers. Tumble Dryer rental contracts are usually for a minimum of 18 months and prices start from just £2.40 per week which includes: Free Installation, Free Delivery, Free Same Day Repairs & Options To Upgrade.

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