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Why Rent Appliances?

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Just some of the great benefits of rental and why it's so popular in the UK!


When you rent your appliances they will be delivered and installed completely free of charge by professional installers (not just a delivery driver!). They will give you a full demonstration of the product and answer any technical questions you have - so no need to ask your neighbour.


If an appliance breaks down it can be very costly to repair, not to mention the inconvenience of having to go without. When you rent you have peace of mind that servicing and repairs are included with the price. Most rental companies will try to fix or replace it the same day, if not the next. (How's that for service!)


The world in which we live in is changing fast, and what you buy today will almost certainly be out of date tomorrow. When you rent you can upgrade to the latest technology whenever you like! Just think how fast TV's, Mobile Phones & Computers have changed over the last 20 years.


There's no large upfront costs when you rent appliances, just affordable weekly or monthly payments. The unexpected breakdown of a washing machine or a television can be a nightmare, especially if finances are tight.


If you care about the environment and the impact of the disposable society that we live in, then rental is definitely for you. Rental companies re-use and recycle at last resort to keep appliances off the ever polluting scrap heap. Check out this great article on the BBC written by environment analyst Roger Harrabin.